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    Rent a Shed Instead vs. Self Storage Units, Mini Storage Lockups & Shipping Containers

    • Store your stuff in your yard instead of miles from home
    • If you rent a house, your only other storage options are renting an offsite mini storage unit or an unsightly storage container.
    • For about the same price as a far away storage unit or a storage container, you can store your stuff right outside your door.
    • A shed will look much better in your yard than a shipping container.
    • You will actually use your storage shed and won’t have to pile into your car and pay for gas every time you need to access your stuff, which will save you money.
    • An attractive, well built shed will blend right into your yard, unlike a storage or shipping container.

    Short or long term storage shed rentals for all your storage needs. Perfect for home or business temporary or long term on-site storage. Rent one of our great looking storage sheds instead of a self storage unit or shipping container. Perfect for renters, home staging for a real estate sale, seasonal business storage, temporary storage during a home remodeling project or simply as an affordable on-site storage solution.


    Why rent a mini storage unit miles from your house?


    Or have an unsightly shipping container with an advertisement on it in your yard?

    Store outside your door.