Read This Before You Rent an Off-site Storage Unit or Storage Container

Thinking about renting a storage unit at a warehouse type mini storage facility?

Or maybe your considering getting one of those shipping containers delivered?

Forget about it.

How about renting your own storage shed?

Instead of having to travel to your lock up facility to get at your stuff, you can have your own storage shed right outside your door. Way more convenient and much better looking than one of those storage containers.

Renting a house, but need a shed for extra storage?
You can rent a storage shed from us and keep it as long as you want. When its time to move out, we’ll come get the shed or deliver your shed to your new rental. No hassles. No problem.

Renovating or remodeling?
Store your furniture and other household stuff in a great looking storage shed during construction.

For the same price as a lock up storage rental unit, or one of those ugly shipping containers, you can have your own great looking storage shed right in your driveway or yard!

* No Credit Checks
* Simply Rent or Rent to Own
* Easy Rental Terms
* Short or Long Term Rentals

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