Storage Solutions for Renters

If you are renting a house, you really had only two options up until now. Rent an off-site storage unit or lockup or rent a shipping container. Neither one of these is an ideal solution for somebody that’s renting a house.

Off-site storage lockups are not cheap and you’ll spend a bunch of money on gas hauling your stuff back and forth to your storage unit. Plus, it’s just not very convenient to store your stuff miles from where you live. Most people that rent off-site storage units hardly ever go there except to pay the bill.

Storage containers or shipping containers can be located right outside your door, but you, your landlord and your neighbors may not like the look of a shipping container with a big advertisement on it on the property. Some neighborhoods and towns also have regulations prohibiting these types of storage containers in residential areas.

Buying a storage shed is another option, but if you don’t own the property it really doesn’t make any sense to buy a shed to store your stuff in.

Now you can Rent a Shed Instead! For about the same price as an offsite storage lockup unit or a storage container, you can rent a secure, great looking shed and store your stuff right outside your door. If you end up moving to another rental house, you can even move your rental shed with you to your new rental house.

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